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look at thsi fucking smug piece of shit idol. LOOK at that cockily raised eyebrow, that mischievous glint in her eyes, that shit-eating, toothy grin. staring you down like shes daring you to just fucking come at her. to just TRY and stop her, TRY and put an end to her homosexual shenanigans, TRY and end her reign of sapphic terror. as if she knows shes fucking problematic, but shes also thinking, what are you gonna do about it? thats right, fucking nothign, because everyone knows you just don’t fuck with the tojo’s mojo

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Ch’yeah buddy. One of the first Kagepro songs I listened to and one of my favorites of the series. 


Kagepro Chips? Kagerou Lays

Into Kagepro for a short time? Kagerou Phase

Obsessed with MCA? Kagerou Craze

Pixel Buster Freya video game references!



  • Jokes

"What, you’re going to fight against me? You fool!" - Bionic Commando, 1987
"Oh look, another visitor! Stay a while… STAY FOREVER!" - Impossible Mission, 1984

  • Taunts

"Dancin’ like a fly, sting like a mosquito!" - Punch-Out!!, 1987
"Aw, I’m sorry… The princess is in another castle!" - Super Mario Bros., 1985
"What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets!" - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, 1997
"You are error" (directed toward Ymir) - Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, 1987

  • Other

Placing a ward: “It’s a secret to everybody.” - The Legend of Zelda, 1986
Buying a consumable : “Take any one you want” - The Legend of Zelda, 1986
When you buy a not recommended item, it plays something very similar to the item obtain jingle from the Metroid series
When you buy a recommended item, it plays something very similar to the find item jingle from The Legend of Zelda.
On death, she says “You Lose” like on Street Fighter
When starting a game: “Round 1, Fight!” - Mortal Kombat Series
When starting a game: “The game doesn’t start until you say yes.” - Rambo, 1987
When killing a jungle boss: “Freya Wins!” or “Fatality” - Mortal Kombat Series
When on a kill streak: “She’s heating up!” - NBA Jam, 1993
When killing a tower: “All your base are belong to us” - Zero Wing, 1991
When low health: “Pixel Valkyrie needs food badly!” - Gauntlet, 1985
When activating 1: “Finish Him!” - Mortal Kombat series (thanks /u/Snufflebox!)

  • Voice Pack

VCC (Be Careful!) - “It’s dangerous to go alone!” - The Legend of Zelda, 1986
VEA (Awesome!) - “Supreme Victory!” - Killer Instinct, 1994
VER (You Rock!) - “A winner is you!” - Pro Wrestling, 1986
VEW (Woohoo!) - “Boomshakalaka!” NBA Jam, 1993 (thanks /u/hopewithinchaos!)
VVS (Sorry!) - “I feel asleep.” - Metal Gear, 1987 (corrected date, thanks /u/Random_Kaos!)
VVGG (Good Game!) - “Conglaturation!” - Ghostbusters, 1988
VVGQ (Quiet!) - “Quiet, you spoony bard!” Final Fantasy IV, 1991